Short description:
No.Request contentValue/ RequirementSTANDARD
ITechnical target
1AppearanceWaterproof tape is wrapped into a band or bin, evenly distributed in layers, not tangled, and resistant to mold.Visual inspection
2Type, Quality, OriginNon-metallic laminated or double-sided waterproof tape with the ability to prevent water ingress, used in optical cable production.Visual inspection
3Thickness0.2 ± 0.03 mmISO 9073-2
4Width Tolerance≤ 0.1 mmISO 9073-2
Maximum value: ≤ 85 g/m²
Average value: ≤ 80 g/m²
According to ISO 9073-1
- Sample taken from sealed packaging, unopened
- Minimum sample size: 50,000 mm²
- Weigh the sample
- Calculate the required value as Mass/Area × Width × Length of the tape
6Tensile Strength≥ 30 N/cmISO 9073-3
7Elongation at Break≥ 12%ISO 9073-3
8Water Absorption Rate≥ 6 mm/1 minuteGB 450
9Height Expansion during Water Absorption (3 minutes)≥ 9 mmGB 450
10Short-Term Heat Resistance≥ 230°CQ/TR.J02.01
11Long-Term Heat Resistance≥ 90°CIEC 216
12Moisture Content≤ 6%ISO 287
13Year of ManufactureNot more than 6 months from the date of batch arrival in the warehouse
15Continuous Length
Tape Band: ≥ 900 m
Bin Band: ≥ 4,500 m
16Diameter of Tape Core Hole76 + 1 mm
17Outer Diameter of the Band
Tape Band ≤ 750 mm
Bin Band ≤ 500 mm
18PackagingThe waterproof tape is wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags with moisture, dust, and insect resistance. Each bag contains silica gel moisture absorbers. The fiber batches are stored in sealed cardboard boxes and placed on pallets.Visual inspection