Short Description:
Recoin's 8-shaped optical fiber cable has a structure and composition that meets the best technical requirements as prescribed in national and international standards.
General introduction
  • Optical fiber cable with the number of optical fiber cores ranging from 2 to 144 cores, with a structure consisting of a loose tube, a central reinforcement element, and a PE outer sheath.
  • Designed for long-distance and local telecommunication networks.
  • Product symbol
    Product symbol without steel tape : TPKL 2C – 144C

    Product symbol with steel tape : TKL 2C – 144C
Optical cable simulation
Single-mode fiber characteristics
Detailed components of the cable
  • Fiber optic
  • The optical fiber component of the cable is manufactured in accordance with the most stringent technical standards.
    Fiber TypeSingle mode, G.652D
    Mode Field Diameter9.2 µm/ ±0.5µm 10.4 µm/ ±0.8µm

    + At 1310 nm wavelength/ tolerance + At 1550 nm wavelength/ tolerance

    Cladding Diameter/ Tolerance125.0µm/ ±1µm
    Core Concentricity Error≤ 0.5µm
    Cladding Non-Circularity≤ 1%
    Outer Coating Diameter245 ± 5µm
    Cutoff Wavelength≤ 1260 nm
    Attenuation Coefficient≤ 0.36 dB/km ≤ 0.35 dB/km ≤ 0.22 dB/km ≤ 0.21 dB/km

    - At 1310nm wavelength + Maximum + Average - At 1550nm wavelength + Maximum + Average

    Dispersion Coefficient≤ 3.5 ps/nm´km ≤ 18 ps/nm´km

    - At 1310nm wavelength - At 1550nm wavelength

    Zero Dispersion Wavelength1300 nm ≤ l0 ≤1324 nm
    Zero Dispersion Slope≤ 0.092 ps/nm2´km
    PMD Coefficient – Cabled Fiber≤ 0.2 ps/
  • Central reinforcement component
  • Provides the main strength for the cable, preventing excessive bending.
  • Loose tube
  • Protects the optical fibers and provides flexibility to the cable.
  • Filler tube
  • Used to fill any voids within the cable structure.
  • Filling compound
  • Ensures water blocking and additional protection for the optical fibers.
  • Water blocking core
  • Prevents water ingress, ensuring cable longevity.
  • Cable braid
  • Provides additional mechanical protection.
  • Additional reinforcement
  • Enhances the cable's overall strength and durability.
  • Corrugated steel tape
  • Offers protection against rodent attacks and mechanical damage.
  • Outer sheath of the cable
  • The external layer providing environmental protection.
  • Suspension wire
  • Supports the cable when installed aerially.